At Castle Rising Dental Surgery we have three hygienists, Jane Chisholm-Alspach, Lucy Holbrook and Kirsty Smith.

Why is it important to see a hygienist regularly ‘just’ to have my teeth cleaned?

This is a question posed by a few patients. It is not just to have sparkly teeth, free from stains and tartar. Many patients have bleeding gums, something you may be aware of but not too concerned with. Bleeding gums are not normal, they allow bacteria from your mouth to enter the blood circulation.

There is increasing evidence that poor oral hygiene is linked to conditions such as:

  • Coronary heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Raised cholesterol

For this reason we recommend that all our adult patients see the Hygienist for cleaning and hygiene advice at least twice a year.


If your current dental practice does not have a hygienist you can ask your dentist for a referral to see one of our hygienists, you do not have to become a patient of our practice.

» Click here for our Colleague Hygienist Referral form

Please contact us to make an appointment with our Hygienists Jane, Kirsty or Lucy