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Short Term Adult Braces

Straight White Teeth in No Time

Short term adult braces are a discreet and rapid way to improve the look of your smile. An aesthetic treatment that focuses mainly on straightening or re-positioning the front teeth; options include removable appliances or tooth-coloured wired braces.

We offer front Clear Braces to resolve mild crowding as a result of failed retention to previous brace treatment in childhood. We also try to help patients who noticed teeth moving and overlapping with time despite previously immaculate teeth position. 

Our preferred choice are Clear Smile Braces – clear ceramic brackets fixed to the front surfaces of teeth with white coated wire in between. 

We also offer Clear Smile Aligners in the form of clear rigid gum shields that act as a brace pushing and pulling teeth into the desired position. 

Please book your initial consultation to allow for the assessment process that will give the projection of the teeth drifting with brace and will help with planning the cost and time of the treatment.

There is NO AGE LIMIT, we just need to assess YOUR teeth!

Clear Adult Braces

Please call the surgery or complete the self-referral form to book an appointment for an initial assessment.

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