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Bridges are fixed in the mouth to prepared teeth and are made from metal or zirconia and porcelain. They are excellent teeth replacement options but require careful assessment and planning.

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More extensively damaged teeth from decay or failed fillings can be restored with a crown which covers what is left of the tooth. If done well with careful preparation and using a high-quality laboratory the life and function of the tooth can be prolonged many years.

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Acrylic or plastic dentures are supported on the gums only, though not ideal, can maintain good function for many years. Cobalt chrome or metal dentures are supported on some of the remaining teeth, allowing them to be thinner and smaller.

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Restore decayed teeth or replace old and worn fillings. Most fillings are now done with tooth-coloured light-cured composite material.

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Treatment for gagging always begins with a full assessment and a sympathetic approach followed by appropriate strategies.

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Root Canal Treatment

If left untreated decay can cause the nerve/pulp to die and lead to pain and infection spreading out of the tooth. Treatment is to clean, disinfect and seal the roots which can prolong the life of the tooth for many years.

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Short Term Adult Braces

Short term adult braces are a discreet and rapid way to improve the look of your smile. An aesthetic treatment that focuses mainly on straightening or re-positioning the front teeth.

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Teeth Whitening

After impressions, custom-made trays are fitted to hold the whitening gel against the teeth. This is a well proven and safe treatment.

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Treatment of Tooth Wear

Treatment of tooth wear to restore good function and appearance is not easy, treatment requires careful assessment and treatment planning. We have wide experience of treating this condition.

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