Dental Treatments

At Castle Rising Dental Surgery we can offer a range of treatments from simple fillings to complex restoration of your whole mouth.

Where appropriate we can refer to a specialist for those treatments we currently do not offer, such as orthodontic treatments and implants.


Restore decayed teeth or replace old and worn fillings.

We are reducing our use of silver amalgam fillings, though sometimes it is still a useful material. Most fillings are now done with tooth-coloured light-cured composite material, this material takes more time to place which is reflected in the cost.

Root Canal Treatment

Decay progressing in the tooth pulp/nerve causes the nerve/pulp to die and lead to pain and infection spreading out of the tooth, what most people would call an abscess.

Treatment is to clean, disinfect and seal the roots. If done well this can prolong the life of the tooth for many years.

Cost of treatment includes all single-use root canal instruments. Normally we would recommend the final restoration of the tooth with a crown after suitable time for the root filling to settle.

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Replacing Missing Teeth

Sometimes there is no option but to extract teeth and it is necessary to replace these teeth to maintain good function.


Acrylic or plastic dentures are made from impressions and measurement of the mouth and bite. These dentures are supported on the gums only, though not ideal, if made well can maintain good function for many years if they are well looked after.

Cobalt chrome or metal dentures – this type of denture is supported on some of the remaining teeth. The metal frame allows the denture to be thinner and smaller.

Porcelain Veneers & Crowns

These require preparation of the teeth, either the front surface only for veneers or the whole tooth for a crown. The new porcelain materials are stronger and more life-like.

Crowns and veneers are very good to restore the appearance of heavily filled teeth and can be made to give a bright and healthy smile.


More extensively damaged teeth from decay or failed fillings can be restored with a crown which covers what is left of the tooth.

Again, if done well with careful preparation and using a high-quality laboratory the life and function of the tooth can be prolonged many years.

The photos below show a case treated with a crown to mask the dark tooth/post, also the fitting of a porcelain veneer.

Treatment of Tooth Wear

People are living longer and keeping teeth longer and a consequence of this is wear and loss of function. Tooth wear can also be caused by grinding and excessive consumption fizzy drinks.

Treatment of tooth wear to restore good function and appearance is not easy, treatment requires careful assessment and treatment planning. We have wide experience of treating this condition.


These are fixed in the mouth to prepared teeth. Bridges are made from metal and porcelain. They are not suitable in all cases and require careful assessment and planning.

The first set of photos below show missing upper teeth being replaced with bridges, fixed to prepared teeth to fill the gaps.

This next set of photos below show the replacement of a plastic denture with a bridge and porcelain veneer/crowns to improve appearance of other teeth.


After impressions, custom-made trays are fitted to hold the whitening gel against the teeth. This is a well proven and safe treatment.

We record the colour of your teeth at the start of treatment and take photographs to compare at the end of treatment. This technique can also be modified to lighten dark root filled teeth or teeth affected by trauma.


Please phone 01553 631094 or visit the surgery to book an appointment. Early morning, late evening and Saturday appointments are available. If you wish to cancel an appointment please give 24 hours notice.

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