Kinga Eliza Maciejewska

Lek Stom Warsaw 2004
GDC: 136789 (

Qualified from Warsaw Medical University in Warsaw, 2004, Kinga has worked in the private dentistry sector, including her vocational training, ever since. She has been progressing with her qualifications and work experience including training in Europe, US and working in Sweden.

In 2008, Kinga moved to the UK and joined the CRDS team. She has continued to progress with her dental training and obtained postgraduate qualifications from the Eastman Dental Institute (UCL) in Root Canal Therapy and Advanced Aesthetic Dentistry. 

Kinga has expanded her interest in Aesthetics and trained with Medics Direct and the Bob Khanna Institute in Facial Injections providing Botulinum toxin and Deraml filler injections to complement her dental work. She has also trained with the IAS Academy to be able to provide Clear Smile Braces and Aligners (Short Term Braces) to her patients.

In her spare time Kinga enjoys running (please support local charity runs, there is information at reception on a regular basis), yoga and travelling.

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