Complimentary Treatments

At Castle Rising Dental Surgery, we will endeavour to give a comprehensive complimentary treatment plan and costing before beginning any course of treatment.

We can offer advice and where appropriate treatment for...

Facial Pain and Headaches

Some facial pain, headaches, neck and shoulder pain can be triggered by muscle strain from clenching and grinding habits.

If appropriate we can offer treatment of this type of pain with – Splints, similar to gum shields.

Pain From Temporomandibular Joints

We can offer treatment and advice to patients with problems resulting from jaw joint and muscle pain which can also contribute to...

Sleep Apnoea and Snoring

After assessment, if appropriate a snoring appliance can be provided to help in the control of snoring.

Chronic Mouth Pain

Atypical facial pain, burning mouth syndrome.

Dental or Needle Phobia

Strong Gagging Reflex

These conditions can be treated with...


Hypnosis is suitable for some patients as an aid to relaxation during treatment. It is also useful to help in the treatment of phobias and chronic facial pain.


Acupuncture can help those patients with a strong gagging reflex, to treat facial and joint pain and as an aid to relaxation during treatment.

Provision of Splints and Anti-Snoring Devices

Halitosis (Bad Breath)

We can also offer treatment and advice for this condition


Please phone 01553 631094 or visit the surgery to book an appointment. Early morning, late evening and Saturday appointments are available. If you wish to cancel an appointment please give 24 hours notice.

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